All Trades has held a roofing license for over 20 years, with our seasoned knowledge you can trust that you are getting the most appropriate and affordable commercial roofing solutions. We perform professional assessments, repairs, full replacements, as well as roofing maintenance programs to preserve the integrity of your roof for as long as possible. It is our mission to offer the highest quality customer service, material, and installation methods possible.

Common types of commercial roof systems


  • TPO is the most preferred single-ply roofing membrane for commercial buildings. It has a white reflective surface which aids in energy efficiency and provides long term durability. TPO comes in a range of different thicknesses as well as colors. 


  • PVC roofing is a type of flexible membrane applied to protect flat roofs. It is incredibly durable and resistant to both fire and water. PVC is a more affordable option compared to TPO, and also has an energy efficient friendly white appearance. 


  • Built- up membrane roofing systems are created with multiple layers of bitumen with alternating plies of felt. These roofs are also known as tar and gravel roofs and have been a trusted choice for flat commercial roofs.